A Bunch of Grapes Skit (Revised Version)

Hera: Dionysius, do not leave Mount Olympus and travel the world!

Dionysius: But I want to, Hera!

Hera: Alright, fine!

Dionysius: Goody!

Hera: Now leave before I change my mind!

Dionysius: (Leaves and comes back in)

Dionysius: (Looks at bookmark tree)

Dionysius: Ahhhh. Look at what I have grown!

Dionysius: What should I call them? Hmmm……. I will call them grapes!

Dionysius: Lets see what I can do with these grapes. (Plays with grapes for a while) Look! I made wine!

Dionysius: I will teach the mortals how to grow grapes and make wine out of them too!

Mortal #1: Dionysius! You are farming on our land, so can you give us something in return?

Dionysius: What do you want?

Mortal#1: Well, can you show us how to grow grapes and how to make wine out of it?

Dionysius: Sure thing!

Mortal #1 & #2: Thanks!

A Bunch of Grapes Skit (Original Version)

Hera: Argh!!!!! I hate Dionysius!

Hera: (Throws Dionysius off Mount Olympus)


Dionysius: (Wandering the world)

Dionysius: I’m growing some grapes! And, now I know how make wine too! I shall travel the world and teach the mortals how to grow grapes! Then I will teach them how to make wine.

Dionysius: (Goes to the Mortal #1 & #2)

Dionysius: Here, I will show you guys how to grow grapes and make wine.

Mortal #1 & #2: Oh thank you Dionysius!

Claws Literary Response

Have you ever wondered how interesting it would be to work on a tiger ranch? Well, Cody from the book Claws does, and now he works there. First to get to his job, Cody hitchhikes his way to the Sam Houston Tiger Ranch. Then, Cody meets the tigers. After that, Cody does his job of feeding the tiger and cleaning up the tigers’ poop. Next, a twister hits the Sam Houston Tiger Ranch and 9 animals escape. Out of the 9 animals, 4 animals die. Finally, Cody is an official tiger wrangler at the Sam Houston Tiger Ranch. The problem is that Cody is afraid of his mother so Cody runs away. The climax is when Cody’s mom finds him at the Tiger Ranch. The resolution is that Cody makes a speech and stands up to his mom.

Cody is the main character. He is 14 years old and working at the Sam Houston Tiger Ranch. The others are Sunny, Brutus, Wayland, Deke, Randy, Harlan, and Dwayne. Sunny is the owner of the tiger ranch. Brutus is a mean, fierce, 800-pound white tiger. Deke is a 70 year old man and is the man that helps Sunny. Randy, Harlan, and Dwayne are Cody’s bunkmates. Dwayne got fired.

There are many settings in Claws. The main setting is the Tiger Ranch in Texas. Many things happen there. One day it is humid and hot, and the next day, there is a gigantic twister. Another setting Saddler’s Creek. Saddler’s Creek has a motel called “Heartbreak Motel” and a rough bar called “Rolling Stone.” Saddler’s Creek is the nearest town to the Sam Houston Tiger Ranch.

The theme of this story is “Try to overcome your fears.” One reason is that Cody got over his fear of the tigers. Another reason is that Cody got over his fear of Brutus killing him. The last reason is his mom. He overcame his fear of her by giving her a big speech.

I think Claws was a very interesting book. I would recommend this book to my whole class because it is interesting and very well written. It had alot of suspense and I love it!


Paris is a romantic place. It has many tourists there because it is so beautiful. The beautiful city is a hot spot in the whole world. Paris is a beautiful city called the “ City of Love ”, is home to the Eiffel Tower, has many museums, and has extraordinary food.

Paris…the “City of Love”

Do you know why Paris is called the “City of Love?” It’s because there are so many great places to visit there. There are many parks and gardens, like Central Park (Femail). Also, there are peaceful canal rides (Femail). There are many museums to go to, like the Louvre Museum (Femail). It is the “City of Love” mainly because it is romantic.

Height of the Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is a very large structure. Its roof is 300.65 meters (How tall is). Its top floor is 273.0 meters (How tall is). The antenna is 324 meters (How tall is).The Eiffel Tower is 897.65 meters in all. It is very tall.

Famous Museums in Paris

Do you know what the most famous museums in Paris are? No? Take a guess. Or,read this. One of the most famous museums of the world is in Paris. It is the Louvre Museum. The Louvre Museum has beautiful ancient art (Suite101,Louvre,Pierre). Unlike it,the Pompidou Center is full of great modern art (Suite101).

Paris’s Popular Foods

Paris has so many foods but here are some of the most popular ones. One of the most popular foods in Paris are the crepes (USA Today). Crepes are popular because they can be eaten as anything in Paris like breakfast, snacks, or desserts. One or the most popular sweets in Paris is chocolate. It is used to make lots of desserts such as chocolate cake, cupcakes, or it can just be eaten regularly. Another popular food is a croissant. It is popular because many of the French eat it as breakfast.


Paris is such an interesting place to go to. While doing the research report, I learned why Paris is called the “City of Love”. I still wonder about the museums after doing this report though. Paris is a great place to be with the fabulous food, cool museums, home of the Eiffel Tower, and having a great nickname.

Hellen Vu

My mother, Hellen Vu ,has had an interesting life. She has had many difficulties but she overcame them. Now,I will tell you a little bit about her life.

My mom was a very happy girl in her childhood. My mom would come home,everyday, from school smiling. After she finished her work,she would go outside and play with her friends. She always received a good education. This is when my mom was just a little girl. Now,we’ll fast forward to her years of being an adult. By the way,she was born in Saigon,Vietnam.

My mother had so many difficulties growing up. But two were her main ones. The first main difficulty is when my mom moved over here to the USA. Since she grew up in Vietnam,when she came over to the USA she didn’t know ANY English words at all. My mom left Vietnam because her dad(my grandpa) lived in the USA. Her other main problem was getting a good job. She wanted to be a manicurist.

Even though my mother had difficulties growing up,she tried hard to overcome them. She took many steps and worked hard. As you read before,my mom’s first main difficulty was not knowing any English words when she came to the USA. To overcome this, she went to adult school. She graduated adult school during the year of 2009. The other problem is that she wanted a good job. She wanted to be a manicurist. The way she overcame this was going to vocational school.

My mom accomplished alot during her life. She went to adult school, so now she can speak English fluently. Also, she got the job she wanted. The job she wanted was being a manicurist. She now works in the Danny Vee Salon in Beverly Hills. She has met many celebrities such as Piers Morgan, from America’s Got Talent, Nicole Anderson, From JONAS LA, and Jennifer Stone, from Wizards of Waverly Place. My mom lives a happy life now.

First Day of School

At my middle school,I had a GREAT first day of school. The day I woke up knowing I had a new school to attend,I was happy,excited,and confident. Confident to make new friends that is. I have a knack for making new friends. Overall,I was excited to go to my new school.

When I first woke up,I got up and did the same thing I did when I went to elementary school. I would wake up and climb down my bunk bed stairs. Then,I would go to the bathroom to wash my face. After that,I brush my teeth. Next,I go to pick out my clothes and take a shower. Finally,I eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast.

When I am done with all of that,I get into the car with my mom so she can give me a ride to school. The ride is about a ten minute ride. My new school is in Jane Addams Park. It is Jane Addams Middle School. The ten minute drive is usually when there is alot of traffic,a driver’s license check point,or it is very foggy. Those are bad days. Sometimes they are five minute rides. But that is only when there is no traffic.Then,I get to my new school.

When I get inside the school gates,I run up and down the halls trying to find the 6th grade building. Finally,I get there. Then, I look for my cousin,Nicholas Huynh,and my friend from elementary school,Isabel Munoz. We looked at each other’s class schedules to see if we got to be on the same teams. My cousin and I were in the same team,even the same homeroom! My friend and I didn’t get to be in the same homeroom. We weren’t even on the same teams! I was on Team Princeton with my cousin but Isabel was on Team Yale.

The bell rang so I climbed up the stairs with all the other kids to get to class. I had alot of fun the whole day. We watched a funny BrainPOP video,answered personality questions,and played the Name Game. We also listened to music and learned our homeroom’s classmates’ names. My homeroom teacher’s name is Miss Nichols. At lunch, I met a girl named Lila. She was a nice, shy, and quiet person. I immediatly liked her and talked to her at lunch.

I had such a great time at school and before I knew it, it was time to go home. After that day, I always had fun at school with my friend Lila,and my cousin Nicholas.

The Ice-Cream Mystery

One day,it was a hot,sunny day. It was really noisy since it was rush hour. Anyway I went to the ice-cream parlor to get some ice-cream. I was the owner’s friend so he always knew when I came to buy ice-cream. I went there same time,same day. I went Monday through Friday. At 2:30 pm. I asked for Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice-Cream when I got there. The owner said there was no more. So I asked for a Vanilla Sundae instead. The owner gave me my Vanilla Sundae. The owner’s name is Jake. I stayed at the parlor to eat my ice-cream. Just as I was finishing,I noticed a path of ice-cream drops. I followed the path. As I came to the end of the path,I noticed a foul stench. Then,I looked up and found that I was in the city dump! Despite the bad smell,I kept on following the ice-cream trail. When the trail stopped in the center of the dump,I looked up to find a huge hunk of junk. I had a hunch there was something under the junk because the pile was very big. So I took the junk off one-by-one. I didn’t have to dig deep. Under the junk was a UFO! The UFO was huge! Then, I saw the ice-cream path again. It was leading to the UFO entrance so, I went to the door. I pulled on the door but it was locked. So I decided to go home and call it a day. It was the evening anyway. So I went home and went to bed.

The next day,I went back to the dump and found the UFO still there. I looked around the UFO for a while and found nothing but a slab of ice-cream on the side. Chocolate Chip Ice-cream to be exact. I checked my watch and found that the time was 2:20. I had only ten minutes to get to the ice-cream parlor. And the ice-cream parlor was all the way on the other side town! I ran right out of the dump and straight to the parlor. I checked my watch when I got there. It said 2:29. “Phew,” I thought to myself,”one minute to spare.” So I went on in and Jake rushed up to me. He exclaimed,”Mindy,I have terrible news!” I asked,”What is it?” Then he told me that he had no ice-cream left! Not even one flavor left! Then I thought to myself,”Oh no,this really IS bad news!” Then I told him about the UFO and the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice-Cream trail. He said that it was horrible and I thought so too. Then,he said there was a secret freezer in the back loaded with all sorts of ice-cream such as Snickers Ice-Cream, American Colors Ice-Cream, and Cotton Candy Ice-Cream. He also said that nobody else knew about it so I had to keep it a secret. I agreed. After that,he asked me to stay overnight to catch the ice-cream thieves. I said OK. Then he took me to the back to show me the secret freezer. It was very hard to reach especially because you had to dodge and move around all this ice-cream making stuff and toppings. And did I mention all the ice-cream in Jake’s Ice-Cream Parlor is homemade,not store bought? We finally got to the back. But there were so many freezers I didn’t know which one had the ice-cream in it So I asked Jake which one the ice-cream was in and Jake just smiled and said “All of them.” Whoa. That was alot of ice-cream. That night,I stayed overnight. After a while,I thought nobody would come but then I heard footsteps. I had a rope and a cloth bag so I could capture the thief without hurting him. He came closer…and closer…and closer…then I caught him! I put the cloth bag over his head so he couldn’t see anything,then I tied his hands and feet with the rope. When I lifted the cloth bag,I found out that he worked for the Ice-Cream Society in Louisiana from his badge. But he came all the to Tennesee just to taste Jake’s Ice-Cream. He said his name was Nick. Then,I asked him about the UFO. He said that was where he worked when he has to go somewhere else. Then he asked if I could untie his hands and feet for him. So I did. He asked if I wanted to see inside the place he works. I said yes so I walked with him to the dump. When he showed me the inside of the UFO, I was AMAZED! It was like ice-cream heaven! There was ALOT of ice-cream in there. Then Nick told me a surprising fact. He said that Jake’s Ice-Cream Parlor was nominated as Best Ice-Cream Service of the Year! It was great news! It was almost 11:00 pm. So I asked Nick if he wanted to sleep at my house. He said “Sure”. The next morning,I went straight to Jake’s Ice-Cream Parlor to tell Jake the great news. I went with Nick. After Jake heard the great news,he was overwhelmed with joy. He said a big thank you to Nick. After that, he announced FREE Root Beer Floats to everyone working at Jake’s Ice-Cream Parlor,me,Nick, and himself to celebrate.

Welcome to my Blog!

Hi,my name is MindyAutumn20. I welcome all visitors to my blog. Some posts on my blog would be stories,current events,and other language arts things. Other things will be random. Now,I will tell you a bit about me. I love doing art and playing with animals. I also like hanging out with my friends on the weekends and going to the mall. I like listening to music too. I have many hobbies. One of them is reading. My favorite video game for the DS is MarioKart. My favorite color is pink. My favorite food are Hot Wings. That is a little bit about me.